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The 1-1 Demo is the latest version of Brutal Mario, released by Carol in 2015.

In this demo, there is only one level, a new remake of the first level of the game, which is called 'Hey, I am Mario!' It has many new features, such as cannon pipes, red P-Switches, coins that appear when you hit a block, and things in the level that can only be interacted with while invincible. Nothing changes upon completing the level.

This demo keeps the Chrono Trigger overworld from the Overworld Demo. Mario is not on the title screen, which has a red background, and the intro is just a text box like in Demo 7 and earlier. A couple of interesting changes have been made, including a new 'LV' counter on the HUD. This could show what level Mario is in, or it could be a new leveling system that Carol plans to implement. The file select screen now shows how long you've played the game for.

It is the sequel to DemoOnly1.

Main Additions[]

  • A new first level, Hey, I am Mario!.
  • A 'LV' meter on the HUD.
  • You can now collect over 100 coins.
  • Three types of Baby Yoshies that grant you a special ability while held and never grow up.

Super Kitiku (Brutal) Mario Demo 1-1 footage